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Name:Matt Murdock
Location:Hell's Kitchen, (states/regions/territories)
A city isn’t only a location on a map. It isn’t just streets, buildings and alleyways. It is a living, breathing, consuming thing, and Hell’s Kitchen is famous for living and breathing crime, and for feeding on the weak.

Evil not only festers in every nook and cranny, it sits in a place of power on high. Wicked men should not lord over a city, people should not have to live in fear.

Hell's Kitchen needs a hero. Not an angel, but a guardian devil, because in the Kitchen even the good are marked by the darkness.

Matt Murdock was born and raised in Hell's Kitchen. The son of a washed up boxer, Matt was raised by his father to be a better man than his dad, to succeed in every place where Jack Murdock failed.

In a lot of ways Matt succeeded, in others he's not that different from his old man.

An accident as a boy left him blinded. It left him with something else, as well. Now Matt is the 'blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen', not a prestigious title, but it's one he can do good with for the people of his city.

And in those times when the law fails there are other ways to seek Justice.

Description: Matt is 6' with brownish red hair. Blind, he's very rarely without his glasses which are tinted red, or his cane. Charming, he's very approachable, except when he's not. When he's in a Mood people usually know and those close to him will usually advise staying away (or they'll condone badgering him until he talks, because that's a thing friends do).

Special Abilities: While Matt is blind all of his other senses have been kicked up to twelve. He has enhanced hearing, sense of touch, smell and taste. Each of these allows him to navigate and read the world better than most sighted people. The trade off is they make him sensitive to extremes of either. Sharp smells or tastes can be annoying, textures of things can be bothersome, and loud sounds can be painful.

Another byproduct of all of these is the ability to read the truth. Matt is a human lie detector, by tracking a person's heart-rate, breathing, perspiration and other minutia Matt can tell if a person is telling the truth or not. There may be some exceptions, but in general if you lie to him he's going to know it.

Note about canon: Matt is from the Netflix Daredevil series which exists within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, taking place after the invasion and reconstruction from the first Avengers movie. He will be coming in from points within the Daredevil series, so spoilers are likely. If you prefer to not have them happen in a thread just give the mun a ping.

Mun contact: The easiest way to contact the mun is by PM, email at millibatty [at] gmail, or here.

Request: If your pup has the ability to "fix" or "heal" Matt whether by magic, technology, mutant powers or whatever PLEASE do not have them offer to do so. He and his mun are not prepared to deal with such. This is mostly in reference to his blindness, but also applies to any injuries he may (and will) come in with (unless of course we've made prior arrangements together). Thanks!

Matt Murdock is from Daredevil, and is the property of Marvel Comics and Netflix. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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